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I upgraded to Java 9 - Part II

A few weeks ago, I wrote about migrating an existing Spring-application to Java 9. When I finished, two things remained to be investigated:

  1. Code coverage for unit tests.
  2. A bunch of warnings when running the application in Tomcat.
Posted Jan 23, 2018.

I upgraded to Java 9 - here's what happened

I recently participated in a Twitter conversation about upgrading to Java 9. Like most of the people, my current projects are all on Java 8. Of course the question came up, why don’t you upgrade? Good question! Since I hadn’t even tried, I decided to see how far I could come…

Posted Jan 12, 2018.

Getting Started with Zuul

It’s been a while since my last post! I recently have been reading a lot about the idea of “API management” or an “API gateway”. There’s a lot of commercial offerings in this field. Many of them promise you (to some extend) ultimate flexibility and endless possibilities. My preference is for “lean and mean” approaches where I can pick the building blocks that I need. In the long run, that offers more flexibility. After all, you could replace building blocks. Having small building blocks makes it less tempting to put any kind of business logic in such a gateway. Doing that must sooner or later lead to some kind of vendor lock-in.

Posted Dec 30, 2017.