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Building ASP.NET Core apps on CircleCI

Building ASP.NET Core apps on CircleCI

Posted Apr 2, 2018.

Combining Docker and Maven

When you’re building Java or JVM-based software, chances are these days you’ll be deploying it inside Docker. Chances also are you’re building it with Maven. Now how do you combine the two? Of course, you could plumb together some scripts for the platform of your choice, but there’s a few disadvantages to that. First of all, it makes you platform-dependant: your build may not work - or behave differently - depending on the platform where you’re building. Secondly, it’s not very elegant, since it does not easily facilitate re-use. And in these days of microservices, we don’t want to be copying the same scripts over and over again. Thirdly, it requires the Docker binaries to be present on the system where you perform your build.

Posted Dec 2, 2015.